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Who are the Social Employers?

The Federation of European Social Employers represents the voice of employers in the field of social services at European level. We understand social services to comprise of all care and support services, especially for:

  • older people,
  • people with disabilities,
  • children,
  • and other excluded and disadvantaged groups.

Social services employers are some of the biggest job creators in Europe today, contribute significantly to the European economy and also play a crucial role in implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Meet our Team

Sylvain Renouvel


Holds a masters degree in labour law and human resources from the Sorbonne University and has a strong experience in labour law and industrial relations.

+32 2 233 7723

Alina Pavičevac

Project & Policy Officer

Before joining the Social Employers, Alina worked in public relations and intercultural affairs in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.


Tamara Gomez-Sanchez

Junior Project & Communications Officer

Tamara has been part of various NGOs in the field of education and inclusion in different countries.


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